Welcome to the Village festival offers music, food and sustainable green perspectives

The Village is an experimental pop festival of the Northern Netherlands when De Groene Ster in the northern Netherlands is transformed into a village where you can explore what the world will look like in 5, 15 or 50 years time.

It’s a green, spacious environment for you to roam the beach or have a nap in the woods, and where your friends will always be around. A place where big festival names will be performing, but also a place to discover emerging talent: from searing guitars to danceable world music and from hip-hop to singer-songwriters.

This is not just a music festival, it’s also a festival of theatre, innovation, art, dance, food and design.

The festival location has a line-up of artists, musicians, chefs, and start-ups, encouraging discussion and thinking outside of the box. The festival as a provisional society, a mini-community.

Welcome to The Village offers four days of partying, but is also about what the world will look like in 5 or maybe even 50 years time.

This process is based on the idea that if an idea or a new prototype works at a festival, there’s a possibility it will work in the “real world”. Each year during the festival, hundreds of students, musicians, artists, volunteers, designers, scientists and festival visitors are working on a better world and a completely circular festival for 2022.

The festival teams up with local caterers and farmers, works with volunteers to build its own stages and, for the festival design, and works with people in a day-care program and senior citizens. And of course they’ll all be dropping by to have a look at the end result. Because Welcome to The Village truly is for everyone.

Welcome to the Village takes place from the 19 to 22 July

Groene Ster,

Tickets from €99


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