Lymington Market and the noisy Bellows: When the true story doesn’t get a shout…

Over the last week, media has been awash with ‘news’ of a Lymington Market trader allegedly told not to shout about his produce after a complaint over noise. Regional and national press have gone to town on how Wayne Bellows has been ordered to turn down the noise because it is causing a nuisance.

Here is the text of a letter from Lymington and Pennington Town Council received by the admirable with the facts behind the story:

“I write to put the facts before your readers in regard to recent incorrectly reported media coverage regarding a trader at Lymington’s Charter Market.

In February this year, the Town Council received two complaints by email, one from a male and one from a female both are residents of the High Street. The complainants alleged that a market trader who sells fruit and vegetables near their properties, makes excessive noise by continually shouting all day from 08.30 in the morning each Saturday.

The Town Council is responsible for ensuring that the Market is well-managed for the benefit of traders, visitors and local residents and wrote to the trader in mid-February requesting that he reduces the alleged noise. Another complaint was received last week from a different resident regarding the same trader and the trader was telephoned and again asked to reduce the noise.

Unfortunately, media coverage has distorted this story, so to be absolutely clear, I would like to point out that at no time has the Town Council measured the decibels of the trader’s voice; referred to noise pollution regulations; asked him to only shout after lunch or banned him from calling out all day, as has been reported in national news coverage.

The trader was merely pointed to the Market Regulations which are in place to ensure a smooth running market for everyone’s benefit.

It is disappointing and disheartening when hard working staff and councillors who are all committed to continually improving and sustaining our wonderful market are lambasted for their efforts by sensationalist and misleading journalism.”

Caroline Godfrey
CEO/ Town Clerk
Lymington & Pennington Town Council


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