Stick on Florals: What the smart folks might be wearing at the Woodhall Spa Home and Garden Festival

It’s Festival season again, which means people are looking for something to make them stand out from the crowd. Go to any Festival or Concert in the summer and you will see large amounts of body glitter. It doesn’t look great and it isn’t very eco-friendly.

So we started searching around for something new and original and green which might be particularly suitable apparel and accessories for our Home and Garden Festivals at Woodhall Sp and Lincoln.

And found these stick-on flower decals that work like temporary tattoos.

They are from Etsy and are made from dried flowers. They are also fully biodegradable. But they last for up to eight hours, though, so be careful about where you stick them…

People are attaching the dried flowers in all sorts of places, but particularly to decorate their chests and necks  with some being braver than others as this gallery shows…


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